Ensuring ‘Mom Can Find Us’

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Ensuring ‘Mom Can Find Us’

“Children’s TYLENOL® means knowing that my daughter will feel well when she is under the weather,” says Maggie, mother of 2-year-old Lily. “It means we’ll have lots of fun times together without her suffering.”

In 2013, Johnson & Johnson met the objective of returning approximately 75 percent of our planned McNeil over-the-counter (OTC) portfolio to store shelves, ensuring mom can find us when she needs us most. U.S. OTC brands ended the year with the No. 1 and No. 2 positions in both the adult and pediatric pain product categories. Investments were made in cross-channel marketing across TV, print and social media to support re-launch of products, including Children’s TYLENOL®.

Yet it’s not just mothers of children who rely on our products, but consumers from virtually every demographic who depend on our wide OTC portfolio.

“Our entire focus has been on delivering premium health care solutions to those that we have the privilege to serve,” says Denice Torres, President, McNeil Consumer Healthcare. “We are pleased that the re-launch of many of our well-known brands is reigniting the emotional connection between moms and our products – from TYLENOL® to ZYRTEC® and MOTRIN®. We are well-positioned by the fact that Children’s TYLENOL® has been a brand pediatricians have recommended most over the past 20 years.”

More products will be introduced to the market in 2014 in tandem with innovative plans to provide more value to consumers. This includes simplifying choice, consumer education campaigns, and introducing new packaging designs and forms. We will also build on our Healthcare Professional partnerships to continue our heritage of #1 recommended brand rankings across our product portfolio. Lastly, we will continue executing creative marketing and public relations campaigns to reach our consumers when, where and how they prefer.

“I’ve always relied on TYLENOL®, this is my go-to product,” says Patti, a mother of four children, including twins. “I feel confident using Children’s TYLENOL® for all of my children.”

From the 2013 Johnson & Johnson Annual Report